Good SharePoint v.Next Commentary, Suggestions & Upgrade Tips

E. Shupps has gone into the depths of SharePoint customization hell and lived to tell the tale, and to tell us what he thinks.  Check out his latest post that is in reply to the standard Microsoft line about not reading the database or changing the site definition files.  He also runs through his list of to-dos for a vNext upgrade, which I think happens to be a very practical list indeed.

SharePoint v.Next Upgrade Issues

Flash Hater Humor

Hee hee hee, this made me really chuckle.  Got this link from Scoble.

I have to agree, I don’t like Flash either.  I am glad the Flash fad has faded.  The Internet is about information delivery. I shouldn’t have to wait for menus to load, fly across the screen, fade in or sit through a montage of images of something I don’t care about. That is why Tivo/DVRs are so popular, so we can skip through the crap.

Flash Troll Generator

Top 30 Office 12 UI Posts

Jensen Harris is easily one of my favorite blogs to read because he is posting about user interface design and usability (in regards to Office 12) and is just a funny guy.  He has put together his top 30 picks for his best posts since he starting blogging about Office 12.  This is a great summary of all the fantastic and interesting info he has laid out for public consumption.

Beta 1-derful: The “Top 30” List