Easy Breakdown: Differences between Dashboard & Scorecard

This is off topic for my blog, but I constantly hear the “dashboard” and “scorecard” buzzwords and often interchangeably.   Mauro Cardarelli has posted a short table spelling out the differences between the two….

“The primary difference between the two is that dashboards monitor the performance of operational processes whereas scorecards chart the progress of tactical and strategic goals.” – Perfornace Dashboards by Wayne Eckerson

Here’s a table that helps spell out the details…

Dashboard                                        Scorecard

Purpose                Measurse performance                        Charts progress

Users                    Supervisors, specialists                        Executives, managers, staff

Updates                Real-time feeds                                   Periodic snapshots

Data                      Events                                                Summaries

Display                 Visual graphs, raw data                       Visual graphs, text comments

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