Quality is Usability

Oh, I just love this post.  Jensen has posted about some usability testing they did with Office 12, but you can easily strip out the Office 12 bits and apply this case study to any situation.  Usability testing is highly, highly useful and can really provide some great data on how well your development is going.  My favorite line is “When the quality sucks, the usability sucks”.  Amen brother!

Quality Is Usability

SharePoint Customization Article – Interface Customizations Into and Options

A lot of people face the issue of how to change the SharePoint interface and are met with a lot of info and options which results in confusion.  I have put together a brief overview of main options and talked about the issue of why straight-forward advice for this topic is hard to come by.

An Into and Overview of Options for SharePoint User Interface Customization

Bil Starts off the New Year with a Bang (and a list)

Talk about salivating at the mouth….   many of us are now eagerly awaiting the latest to come from Mr. Simser… an improved SharePoint discussion board (or what the rest of the world calls them, forums.)  Check out the feature list on Bil’s site and drop him a comment for such a great (soon to be) addition to the SharePoint pool of resources.

Bil Simser: Tired of SharePoint Discussions?

Sweet Screen Capture Tool – SnagIt

Hope everyone had a nice holiday, I certainly enjoyed my time off.  🙂

My buddy Chris turned me onto this screen capture tool and I love it.  It has a ton of output options, hooks into Office & IE, and has an editing mode where you can add arrows and callout boxes to the screenshots prior to outputting to the final destination.   This basically blows Cropper out of the water. Continue reading Sweet Screen Capture Tool – SnagIt