Sweet Screen Capture Tool – SnagIt

Hope everyone had a nice holiday, I certainly enjoyed my time off.  🙂

My buddy Chris turned me onto this screen capture tool and I love it.  It has a ton of output options, hooks into Office & IE, and has an editing mode where you can add arrows and callout boxes to the screenshots prior to outputting to the final destination.   This basically blows Cropper out of the water.

It isn’t free, but it does have a free trial.  Purchase price is $39.95 USD and they have discounts for multi-user licenses.

Tutorial Videos (easiest and fastest way to check out the features – the videos are super short)

Download a SnagIt free trial

I’m snaggin’ now…

3 thoughts on “Sweet Screen Capture Tool – SnagIt”

  1. Absolutely cool tool. I use it to create demo’s when I have no access to resources I need for the demo. (create movie and go….) you can even create the demo with sound so you can make it available on the web so people can look at it afterwards and still understand what you are doing because of the build in explanation….

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