Been bloggin’ a year and other personal notes…

Greetings all… I have been rather absent the past couple of months on my blog, no excuses, just been doing other things.

My blog has been up for a year now, and April 1 marks my 6 month anniversary of being awarded MVP.  Time flies fast and I am continually amazed and humbled by the attention and respect that myself and my blog have received.  Since making the decision to create on online presence and get involved with the SharePoint community, I have really enjoyed the experience and the people and being part of a growing sense of community.  While I have met very few of you in person (lets change that come June!) I feel that I know many of you and have a lot of respect for all of you.  This community is brimming with intelligence, ideas and excitement about SharePoint.  It is contagious and inspiring. And being a chick in a boys club, I especially appreciate what I have experienced in the last year.

Sappy stuff aside, I am going to TechEd this year in Boston!  It should be quite the conference this year and I am excited. Lets meet up!

On a more personal slant, a bit ago I expanded my family to include another mouth to feed, luckily it isn’t 7 pounds and cries all the time.   Instead I opted to add a 950 pounder to the mix in form of my pretty paint Dixie:

Ain’t she a doll?  She has been very enjoyable and her and my other horse (the infamous one where I wrote my name on his butt for the hurricane) get along wonderfully and just troll the paddocks together, never very far from each other’s side. I am happy I found a friend for not only us, but for the old man in back too.

Oh, and Happy St. Patty’s Day!  Cheers all!