SharePoint Permissions Tip: Master Page Access

If you are set up in some capacity on your MOSS 2007 site as having Full Control, this won’t necessarily give you access to upload and mange files in the Master Page Gallery.  If you have been granted Full Control, but don’t see all the options in the Master Page Gallery (see below), you also need to have the Design right.  You can set this for the Group you are in or for at the user level.

Master Page Gallery options with and without the Design right.  The lower screenshot is with the Design right.

Master Page Gallery Permissions

2 thoughts on “SharePoint Permissions Tip: Master Page Access”

  1. Hello Heather! That’s a very useful tip for me, thank you! We are just on the very beginning of sharepoint deployment. We haven’t used it before but now decided that we definitely need it to lower the overhead of current scheme we have for our users to maintain the collaboration. We hope this will greatly increase the overall productiveness our teams. In fact we already see the positive result we gain. The first stage of the project where we used sharepoint completed faster then ever before although we got enough troubles with such permission management peculiarities you are talking about. One guy of our team has just returned from the TechEd show where he have seen the tool to manage sharepoint permissions demonstrated by Scriptlogic. Finally we decided to set the tool up as the tool had a very nice feature to search for permissions through the site. That time we did a query for the group and localized the missing permission. I was thinking there it was a problem with our site but now that I realized the everything is OK and this functionality is by design. By the way, about the design. I like the design of your site! A very pleasing convergence of accurately selected colours and controls!

  2. Thank you Heather , it’s very useful article , I have problem with my site , I have a costume master page and document library , when i set the permission for document library , it’s not working , so if you can help me as soon as possible , thank you for your collaboration

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