SharePoint Tip: Check-in, Publish and Approve in One Step

Anyone out there working with MOSS 2007 customization knows that a lot of checking in and out of files goes on to work with styles, master pages and page layouts. Every time you want to publish the file to the live site, you have to check in the file, approve the file, then publish it. A quick tip in case you don’t know, you can quickly Publish files in one step from the Site Content and Structure screen of your site.

  1. From your site select Site ActionsManage Content and Structure
  2. Navigate to your checked out file(s) in a directory.
  3. (Optional) Multi-select files by using the checkboxes at the far left.
  4. In the toolbar, select ActionsPublish. Or, using the drop down menu for the file, select Publish.

Presto, your file is checked-in, approved and published. No need to Check-In and Approve first.

13 thoughts on “SharePoint Tip: Check-in, Publish and Approve in One Step”

  1. No Publish link under Actions.. only delete, check out and check in..I have a member role though..any ideas?

  2. Heather – First of all, thanks for all the great info on your site and good luck at!I’ve got to say, as a developer very new to SharePoint, I’m getting a good laugh from instructions like these, “select Site Actions – Manage Content and Structure.” The problem is that 4 times out of 5 the options will be different depending on where you are in the farm/site and how you’ve been authenticated. It is almost non-sensical to give instructions like this because, until you get very familiar with the UI, you don’t know what to expect under the Site Actions menu or any other admin page.For me the path was Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Content and Structure (under Site Administration) …at least…I think that is where we are supposed to be…

  3. I only seem to be able to start an approval workflow and not to actually publish myself (I can’t event choose the approvers).On the page itself, the publish menu item is grayed out.I don’t quite understand this because my user is a member of the approver rights group?

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  5. I only see the Publish option on the drop down menu for the file, not in the Actions menu under Content and Structure. I am an owner of the site. I have tried publishing sites with and without workflow, but the “Publish” option never shows up for me. Thoughts?

  6. Hello,Not sure where to post this Heather. I met you at Tech Ed.I am building a SharePoint Site for the Medical Department of the Army.For 2003 they had CBT’s that from Microsoft. They incorporated this into their site. Does anyone know if there is anything out there for MOSS. Steve H

  7. I just ran into this with a Document Library. When I selected all the docs, under the Actions menu, I had only Check Out and Unpublish this version.What solved it for me was going into the Document Library Settings, and under Versioning Settings, and changing Content Approval to No.I was then able to go into Manage Content and Structure, navigate to the Doc Library, Select All documents , and under Actions, select Publish.Once this was done, I set the Content Approval back on.This saved me hours of work approving each doc individually.HTHDustin M

  8. Thanks Heather. This really saves me some heartache. I kept trying to demonstrate my mods to the client and the changes do not always show.

  9. Thanks this was a great tip… I was manually checking in a lot of docs and I KNEW there was a better way…

  10. Hi,Excellent information. I was really wondering about, how to display changes to other users. I am new on sharepoint.Again thanks,

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