SharePoint 2007 2-way sync with Oulook Calendars

I just discovered that SharePoint v3 / 2007 has a two way sync with calendars in Outlook, whereas before it only had a one way sync in the v2 / 2003 version.

So you create a Calendar in a SharePoint site, then go under Actions, select Connect to Outlook. Outlook will then ask you if it is OK to link to the site, etc. Once you have added the site to your Outlook, you can drag/drop events from your main calendar, or create new events directly in the SharePoint calendar. Outlook will sync with the SharePoint Calendar and wallah, your events appear on the SharePoint site. Works vice versa too. Events created on the site will appear in Outlook.

Why is this awesome? Use it for:

  • Shared team calendar for jobs, consulting, projects, events, books, etc.
  • Resource reservation calendar for things such as conference rooms, projectors, demo laptops, etc.
  • Meeting management for personnel resources not on the same LAN or utilizing AD.

You could have a central calendar in your Outlook, then several SharePoint calendars linked in, and you can drag/drop your pertinent appoints on the various calendars for their various purposes. Very cool!

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  1. Hey Paul!Not sure… I don’t have Outlook 2003 installed anywhere to test. I am running 2007. Do you have 2003? Can you test and let me know?

  2. Actually it does work with 2003, but the synchronisation is from SharePoint 2007 to Outlook 2003. To have two-way synch you need to have 2007.

  3. Is there any way to automatically synchronize the Outlook/Exchange calendar to the SharePoint event calendar? Dragging and dropping works great, but I’m hoping to automatically synch this by some means. Bamboo Solutions looks like thney may have something later this year, but I’m hoping to do something quick (and free) right now. TIA!

  4. I have Sharepoint 2007 and Outlook 2003. When I sync from Sharepoint to a Outlook calendar, all day events show upbetween 7 pm and 6:59 am. Is this a bug or is there a setting I’m missing?Thanks

  5. Hi,I experienced that, not only you need Outlook 2007, but your mailbox needs to be on Exchange 2007 as well. If you just have outlook 2007, and mailbox still on Exchange 2003, the Sync job will never come to complete and none of the entries got pulled in.

  6. I have about 30 clients in my network, and they are about half and half outlook 2003 and 2007. I haven’t had any problems with it. I am using Small Business Server 2003, with sharepoint 2007. It was a pain to get sharepoint 2007 working on that server but with the help I got from microsofts guides it went well.

  7. Tyler, I have the same situation as you, but not having any luck with sharepoint 2007/Outlook 2003. Can you tell me how you got it to work

  8. Hi,The post from Vicky Nguyen on 6/12/07 said that in order to sync outlook 2007 with sharepoint 2007 you also need to have exchange, can you confirm that this is the case? Also, sorry if it’s a dumb question, this is my first play with sharepoint, does one also need sharepoint services? Finally, i’ve read various posts about the missing menu option for outlook sync. I am also missing the link, can anyone help?Phil

  9. NO, it works without Exchange 2007.I have 3 Company using this now works great, HOWEVER, the busy/free doesn’t show up on the sharepoint calendars when you go to setup a new meeting this is a major oversight if there is no fix. If you know how to make them work please let me

  10. I want to add an outlook 2003 calendar webpart in sharepoint 2007 that will automatically pick up the logged in user and show his/her calendar. Is that possible? I couldn’t get it to work, I need to hardcode the mailbox. HELP PLEASE !

  11. How can I set up a SharePoint workflow to automatically set the All Day Event field value. I’ve tried setting the field value to “True” and “Yes” but no luck so far.

  12. Works nicely in Outlook 2007, but does anyone know how to get a filtered calendar to be synchronised? Currently, no matter what view you are on, all items will be sync’d, even if you have filtered out some of your records.Also, Fredolejetdeau, if you create a Custom List, then create a Calendar View based on that list, you won’t see the sync with Outlook menu option. If someone has a workaround for that as well, that would be great.ThanksTahari

  13. excuse me for my newbie question, however… All the references here to SharePoint 2007 (especially in the context of SBS), do they refer to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (i.e., MOSS 2007) or Windows SharePoint Services 2007 (WSS 2007)?We would like to install WSS onto a member server in a SBS2k3 R2 Premium domain and expose that server to the internet for our internal users. I just want to get my head around if this can/should be done with WSS or is MOSS required?Thanks!- Mark

  14. You can use SBS to expose WSS to the extranet. It works great. If you have SBS Premium, configure ISA to allow this.

  15. I see that 2-way Synchronization is available for Outlook 2007 and Sharepoint 2007.Now my question is, to sync is this a manual process of dragging and dropping events from the Personal Outlook 2007 calendar into the Sharepoint 2007 calendar, or is there an option for automatic synchronization?We have years of data on our calendars and we want to mix the calendars into a single collaborate environment, so individuals can quickly look at one sharepoint calendar and see what everyone is doing, going to do, and done in the past from the Personal Outlook calendar.Any help would be great.

  16. Hi, i need some help, im in the process of setting up a trial sharepoint intranet for my company and need to know how to integrate outlook 2003 with moss 2007. When i go into any of my sharepoint portal sites and click on the apporpriate actions menu, there is no button – connect to outlook, there is also nothing in outlook that stands out as being able to connect to sharepoint. Obviously i am missing something. Can anyone help ? do i need to do this on the server side, or client side ? should i have enabled something in the installation for this to have happened ? what do i do….. you assistance is appreciated 🙂

  17. I currently have Outlook 2003 with Windows XP environment using SharePoint 3.0 2007 and I also would like to know How to perform the function from Outlook to SharePoint calendars for multiple users on both Outlook Side and Multiple Users on SharePoint side. I know the one way from SharePoint to Outlook, my biggest question is how to do it the opposite way. Can it really be done? Please Help!

  18. Is there anyway that anyone knows to sync the sharepoint calendar to the personal outlook calendar? Thanks

  19. I currently have outlook 2007 and MOSS . I know the way to connect from Sahrepoint to Outlook by going to the Calendar and from Action clicking on Connect to outlook. But my question is how to connect the outlook calendar in Sharepoint. I tried by using calendar web part and giving the OWA URL but this would just display the tasks in the outlook calendar. I would like to do the same functionality as we do in the outlook calendar by accessing the calendar from Sharepoint .Any help would be appreciated.

  20. Well, I have an issue that has not found any reference by anyone in this blog.It seems all you guys have atleast got past the first hurdle of atleast connecting Outlook 2007 to MOSS 2007.All my applications are running https ( even the intranet portal has been mapped from http to https ( using AAM).The “Connect to outlook” button appears and also connects to Outlook but the Send/Recieve generates an error given below:Task ‘SharePoint’ reported error. You do not have permission to view this sharepoint list. HTTP 302also, the following information may be usefula) i am the owner of the site and have full controlb) client integraiton is enabled for the web applicationc) Incoming email is disabled in the environmentd) Outgoing mail is enabled for the setupany help shall be appreciated.

  21. I have read all and I am stil unsure of the following.Do you have to Run Exchange 2007?Do you have to Have Outlook 2007?Does this have to be sharepoint server 2007?Or can you run ShaprePOint Services 2007?Currently running SBS2003 R2 with Exchange 2003, and SharePoint Services 2007.I am able to link to outlook from sharepoint. I can then drag and drop calendar items to my outlook calendar, but I am unable to go the other way.

  22. Hey guys,I have done some initial testing with WSS v3 and Outlook 2007 and yes the 2-way sync does work fine. Here are some observations:1. When you create an appointment in Outlook, it shows up in Sharepoint calendar as ‘Pending approval’ with the ‘Absence Type’ being null. I’m not sure how to set the absence type in Sharepoint from Outlook.2. When you delete an event in outlook, it is not getting updated in Sharepoint. I think this is to avoid data-loss or might be a security issue with SP.ThanksArun

  23. Heather, My name is John Noel and I attended the training in Anaheim 2007. My questions is this. I know that we can pull RSS feeds into Sharepoint, but can we use Sharepoint to create RSS feeds for our applications?Thanks,John

  24. Jason,I do not believe the 2-way sync works with Outlook 2003 and wss 3.0. I believe we have Exchange 2007 but am still checking. We do have wss 3.0 sp1 and outlook 2007. The 2-way sych between them works great — With one exception and I think Arun on 9/17/08 may have just answered it.The calendar was created on WSS so the data lives in the content database. We then “connected” this calendar to Outlook on several workstations. All sharepoint events appear in all outlook calendars that were “connected”. When we add an event directly to the sharepoint calendar, it syncs with Outlook on all workstations. However, when the owner of the calendar creates an event in Outlook (cuz he likes the drag drop feature for rescheduling), it shows in his Outlook calendar but no on elses outlook calendar. The changes DO appear in the calendar in SharePoint.Is this call caused by this Approval flag?thx fran

  25. Arun,You said on 9/17/2008… “When you create an appointment in Outlook, it shows up in Sharepoint calendar as ‘Pending approval’ with the ‘Absence Type’ being null. I’m not sure how to set the absence type in Sharepoint from Outlook.”How did you find this? Where is the Pending approval flag and how do I get it to show in Sharepoint?thx fran

  26. I do have a problem. I run Outlook 2007 and Sharepoint 2 (WSS).I cannot change or add a new appointment in sharepoint calendar from Outlook! It says that the folder is read only.The user i use is a administrator so I cannot figure what is the problem!Any sugestions?Thanks, Adrian

  27. I’m having the same problem as Jd:Outlook but the Send/Recieve generates an error given below:Task ‘SharePoint’ reported error. You do not have permission to view this sharepoint list. Any help on this?tia,Stefan

  28. I’ve changed our default.master and the custom theme .master but the search results page is still not picking it up. Is there another master page for this?Thanks

  29. Has anyone figured out the read only folder issue? What I found was that it has to do with permission of the user. I gave contribute permission to a group and they all got the read only message. However, full control removes the message. This is NOT a solution because I don’t want them to have full control. However, it does narrow things down.If anyone knows why a user with contribute permission (no modifications) cannot edit a calendar entry, please let me know!

  30. Hi, I am having a central repository of contacts that is used by the user. Now I want the users to synchronize these contacts with thier outlook. But the condition is the user must get only those contacts which he wants and remaining all contacts(100 contacts out of 1300 contacts that are in contacts list of sharepoint) sholud be droped during synch. process between outlook and sharepoint.I had tried a lot but now clear idea.

  31. The connection works beautifully. Until it goes wrong. Then, no amount of reconnectiong from Sharepoint works, nor does F9 (refresh) on Outlook.It has to be deleted and reconnected again.BiG problem. Any ideas why folks? Any help appreciated and advice/tour of York given for free , )

  32. Our organization is running MOSS 2007 with Outlook 2007 and we synchronize calendars a lot.(1) I have a user who can copy an event from a SharePoint Calendar to his Outlook Calendar, but…(2) CANNOT copy and event from his Outlook Calendar to a SharePoint Calendar(3) I logged into the user’s machine and could copy both ways without a problem.(4) I have checked the users permissions and he has all the correct permissions and is in the right groups in SharePoint.(5) I believe it is a profile issue but don’t know what setting must be fixed to coreect this.Any recommendations on what the problem might be?Thanks,Rod (rkeinc)

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