Can’t unpublish a page? Not easily at least…

Today I came across what I believe to be a shortcoming with MOSS 2007. There doesn’t appear to be a way to quickly unpublish a page through the user interface. When you go to the settings for a page, you can choose to unpublish the version of the page, but if there are multiple versions of the page, then you have to go through and manually unpublish each version. Right now this isn’t a huge deal since most pages probably only have 1 or a small handful of versions, but as time goes on, unpublishing a page that has been posted and updated numerous times will turn into quite a chore. The other catch is that while you are doing this, old versions of your page will be served up to your site users. Once you unpublish a version, the next one is automatically used for the page.

To unpublish quickly, use the Version History screen for the page and you can go through and unpublish versions from a single location one after another.

7 thoughts on “Can’t unpublish a page? Not easily at least…”

  1. Hey Angus! As far as I can see all you can do in the Manage Content and Structure screen is Unpublish a single version. There isn’t an option to Unpublish all versions.

  2. So frustrating, the only thing left seems to be to delete the page altogether which seems a very unsophisticated way of doing things. There must be an easier way of taking things off-line?

  3. you could enable the publication dates on the site you want to expire and then the expiry will work… a couple of extra steps sure but still – doable at least.

  4. Hi. I´m new in sharepoint and this problem appears to me. I have a page of news and when i click into one i am redirected for the page of the particular new. If i want unpublish that new i edit the page with administration account and site users can see the homepage news with old news! When i unpublish a new the version that appears is very old and is not the version less old. It´s a aleatory process. It´s a bug?? how can i fixed that??

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