SharePoint Tip: How to specify a Theme

WSS v2 made use of Themes, a package of CSS and images that changed the look, or skin, of a WSS site.  New with MOSS 2007, Themes can also be used for MOSS sites as well as WSS v3.   Below are the steps to set a Theme for your MOSS 2007 or WSS v3 site:

  1. In your site, select Site Actions, then Site Settings.
    • MOSS sites, select Modify all Site Settings.
  2. Under the Look and Feel category, select Site Theme.
  3. Select a Theme, and select Apply.

11 thoughts on “SharePoint Tip: How to specify a Theme”

  1. Hi Heather,Is there a way to apply a Site Theme to the whole site collection and the new (sub)sites that are created later?Hope to hear from you soon.Greetings, Willem

  2. Hi, I am working with SharePoint 2007 Portal and WSS 3.I have created a new theme, and am looking to make it the default theme. Does anyone know how to do this.Updating the SPTHEMES.XML file by deleting all the themes and only leaving yours will give them one choice. I want to create other themes but have one of my choice being the default.I also need the theme I created to take effect when someone creates a new site/workspace.

  3. Just a thought…If you deleted all the themes and then rename the custom theme you want as default.master, will it become the default theme and if you create new sites be used as the default theme or isthere more to it than just a name?

  4. I would like to create a custom theme starting with a basic theme already created in SharePoint. How do I go about doing this?Thanks,Kelly

  5. Hi,We have a custom site theme and would like to make it the default for all of our sites (not a selection like current). I see some of the same questions, but no responses, maybe they are archived. Any info would be appreciated!Thanks,Sherie

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