Free Images Online – MorgueFile

I often find myself looking for free images for use in a project.   It can be hard to find quality stock photography for free.   Today I came across a site though that has really made my day, MorgueFile.   (Sound weird?  They explain the name on the home page).

Unlike some other sites where a search for a hum-drum term like “documents” returns 30 pictures of a kitten off of Flickr, this site has a good stock of photos, and a good search engine. The site also provides a lightbox (store photos for future use).   Check it out!

6 thoughts on “Free Images Online – MorgueFile”

  1. Now thats a cool site, always wanted to use other photos without the concern of rights to publish.

  2. I also use ! its soo good 🙂 but mostly I make my own pictures …heather, why is it that none of my posts appear on the blog?

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