SharePoint Branding Design Gotchas

I have pulled together a list of items in SharePoint 2007 that may haunt your custom branding if you don’t take special note to address it in the interface. Often while branding SharePoint you can get wrapped up with just working with a single web page while changing your design. There is a large application to worry about and this list will hopefully help you avoid bits and pieces of the old SharePoint look popping up on you after you are done branding SharePoint.

If there are other elements in this list that have caused you grief, feel free to share.

Page elements to double check while rebranding SharePoint

One thought on “SharePoint Branding Design Gotchas”

  1. I am having a problem with my Sharepoint site, I redesigned the Blueband.master file to brand with our company logo. I also gathered all the CSS files and made one file with a link in the master file. I am having trouble with a bug that seems to be caused by the branding of the sites. When you click on the calendar and choose new item. If you choose to create a meeting workspace and click add. It will go to the newmws.aspx file and then you type in the title and page name, once you click on okay it comes up with an unkown error on templatepick.aspx. I tried this on an unbranded site and it worked fine, I applied blueband.master to it without my changes and it broke the meeting workspace. I then tried to switch it back and it is now broke on default.master. Any help would be appreciated.

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