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In my sessions last week I stressed the importance of learning about content types, and really stressed the importance of learning CSS.  I have had several people ask me for some suggestions for resources for both of these topics.  If you have a resource or a book you just love that I don’t mention here, please post a comment about it for everyone’s benefit.  Thanks!!

Content Types


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  1. Hi Heather.The best CSS editor that I have ever worked with is TopStyle Pro. There’s a lite version available for free which can be used to build excellent style sheets as well.Not sure whether this comes under the heading of “CSS Resource” but it’s a valuable resource to anyone trying to create or modify CSS styles (especially the complex one that comes with MOSS)Cheers!Brad

  2. Hey,Anything my Eric Mayer [] specificaly the books:Eric Meyer on CSS [ISBN-10: 073571245X]More Eric Meyer on CSS[ISBN-10: 0735714258]Alex

  3. Good, common sense advice. I especially like your reminder about focusing on fewer strategies and doing them well, rather than trying to do to much.I use go daddy code all the time and it really helps to save me money while brainstorming ideas for domains. Other codes in this family include ZINE1 (Save 10% on anything), and ZINE2 (Save $5 off $30).

  4. Hi Heather,Great information. Another resource that may be useful to your readers is our Mastering SharePoint workshop. In this workshop I not only help attendees understand the importance of Content Types but how to create a corporate taxonomy. Information Architecture is the key! :)Thanks for all you do Heather!Bob MixonBob@MixonConsulting.comhttp://www.MixonConsulting.com

  5. Hmm, the Heather Solomon site is one of the best CSS for SharePoint resources out there. 😉 Seriously though, when are you going to actually publish a print book covering all of the crazy intricacies of SharePoint branding? I would buy it TODAY!So, anybody out there know of that type of book that might be available already until we can convince Heather to write her own?Thanks for the site Heather! It has always been a great help.

  6. It’s strange to me that content types that have a Document Information Panel need to be “Published” rather than “Saved” in order to register their content types correctly and thus show the DI panel. I’ve looked all through MSDN and around blogs, but there’s no good explanation as to why this might be. Any ideas?

  7. I loved the CSS resources provided here. In fact i have read Beginning CSS Web Development: From Novice to Professional as my start point in web development.

  8. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) web design lessons Css link Properties Attributes – examles

  9. Heather, I love your CSS chart. Today I drove myself nuts trying to figure out the style of the fonts on the drop-downs for the menus on the welcome bar and other menus. It’s not on your chart at: should add a caveat that everything was fine on my drop-downs until I changed my Body style and A tag style to a very small font. The menus were too small, so I wanted to hard-code a bigger size font on the drop-down menus.Here’s what I finally found in the Core style sheet: /*drop-down menu from Welcome button*/.ms-MenuUIPopupBody TABLE { PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 0px; FONT-SIZE: 9pt!important; <<<—I added this to it. PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; MARGIN: 0px; COLOR: #003399; PADDING-TOP: 0px}/*end drop-down menu from Welcome button*/

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