Big Update to CSS Reference Chart

I have posted a large update to my SharePoint 2007 CSS reference chart.  In addition to adding some new styles and tips, I have added “Copy to Clipboard” functionality that will copy the CSS source code for the given style to your clipboard, so you don’t have to chase down styles by looking up line numbers.  Instead you can just do a copy, paste into your CSS file, and make modifications from there.

The only section I did not do this for was the calendar, because I have previously posted all the calendar styles in a clean, condensed CSS file for your use.

Enjoy!  As with anything, there may be a mistake or two.  If you do a copy and it is not the correct style, please let me know.

» CSS Reference Chart for SharePoint 2007

5 thoughts on “Big Update to CSS Reference Chart”

  1. The Copy to Clipboard functionality works with IE7 but does not appear to work with Firefox 3.0Great work – Thank you

  2. Firefox does not support copy to clipboard functions. It is an issue with the browser and unfortunately not with my code. Please use Internet Explorer to use the Copy to Clipboard functionality. Thanks!

  3. I’m trying to get my list view column headers to look like they do during the hover over action with the .ms-menuimagecell. (background color changes and an arrow image appears). My clients don’t think it is intuitive enough to have to mouse over to discover the arrow and possibility of filtering.Anyone know how I can set this to have the arrow appear (and thus the filter functionality) at all times.I’m using a List view web part.Thanks!

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