To Breadcrumb or not to Breadcrumb?

User Interface Engineering has posted an article about breadcrumbs, and why they feel that breadcrumbs are a design cop-out.  It is a good read, especially for people using SharePoint for external facing sites.

» Design Cop-out #2: Breadcrumbs

Personally, I only utilize page breadcrumbs when working with administering lists and settings.  The breadcrumb provides a quick way back to list screens and other setting screens where otherwise no navigation is provided.  For that purpose I think they can be useful.  The article brings up some valid points on whether or not to use breadcrumbs at all.

5 thoughts on “To Breadcrumb or not to Breadcrumb?”

  1. I just finished reading this article. Breadcrumbs, as they note, tend to attempt to “fill” problems with a site’s information architecture.I say “not to” breadcrumb unless well thought out and implemented minimally.

  2. I love breadcrumbs, because they are a navigational help, but as that article states: “if nobody uses them, leave them out”! PS: i hate sites where you can’t respond to an article! 🙁

  3. I vote for – it depends. Use them if it will help the reader. Sometimes they are apropriate while other times they really sort of get in the way. If you think about it from an end user perspective then I think they can be helpful.

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  5. I don’t like breadcrumbs because a typical user won’t understand the topology of the site and to make breadcrumbs dynamic the folder architecture needs to well thought out so a little JavaScript can do the work for you, instead of some type of server side programming.

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