Article about Designers returning to roots

This has nothing to do with SharePoint. 🙂 I found this article rather interesting… it is about designers getting back to doing things with their hands in this uber electronic, hands on activity depraved world.

Digital Designers Rediscover Their Hands

It struck particularly close to home with me, as I have picked up a new creative hobby and totally banned using computers in any way. Good stuff for the right side of your brain. The object of the article are designers from Adobe, which I also found interesting and inspiring. Maybe what SharePoint needs is a heavy dose of wood shop class!

2 thoughts on “Article about Designers returning to roots”

  1. I am sure it enhances creativity and also that employers are recognizing the importance of hands-on. I think that a combination of both would be better, however, mixing it up!

  2. Great article. After a day of using computers, I find it very stimulating to go home to my garage of woodworking tools and create something tangible, memorable and lasting out of solid material. Balance is the key to sanity, we surprise outselves with what we are capable in creating.

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