Controlling Single Web Parts with CSS Article Posted

I often get questions about how can a particular web part be branded separately from all the rest or be branded by type.  For example you want every Contacts list to have a green header bar instead of a tan header bar.  Or perhaps you want a column of web parts on a page to look different than the main area that contains other web parts.

The latter I have always had a solution for, the former I figured out something today.  As with everything that I focus on, these are “no custom development” / “no .NET code” solutions. You can usually build whatever customization you need with custom code.  If you would like to just rely on CSS however, here you go….

Controlling Single Web Parts with CSS

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  1. Hi Heather,I am a huge fan of your wonderfull articles, seems amazing the level of customization you can do with Sharepoint. I just did that a few days back when i AJAXIFIED the Zone Tab webparts. The idea is to show different webparts in a particular zone with Tabbed navigation. There can be many tabs in one zone and can be attached to many webparts placed in a particular zone at any point of time.The best part is that when you click on the tabs, there is only a partial page postback and not full page refresh, i have written a small post on AJAXIFYING the Zone tabs, here it is: think, this will be beneficial to all MOSS developers…

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