Hide Links in Discussion Board Flat Topic View

I received a request to hide the “View Properties” and “Reply” icon and text that appears in the far right of the flat topic view in SharePoint 2010.  Here is a CSS style statement to hide both links and the separator image that appears in-between.Snapshot of the flat topic view in a discussion list

/* Discussion Board - Flat topic view
-Hide View Properties and Reply options on far right

table.ms-disc-bar td a[id^="DisplayLink"], /* View Properties link */
table.ms-disc-bar td a[id^="ReplyLink"], /* Reply icon and link */
table.ms-disc-bar td.ms-separator img /* Separator bar */{
display: none;

2 thoughts on “Hide Links in Discussion Board Flat Topic View”

  1. i want to how to hide only the Reply option in a discussion forum of a sharepoint 2010 site .This should be not visible to all visitors

    1. Just edit the style statement to only use the selector for the Reply link.

      table.ms-disc-bar td a[id^=”ReplyLink”] /* Reply icon and link */ {
      display: none;

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