New master page added to “Just the Essentials” SharePoint Master Pages

In addition to the stripped, cleaned and commented SharePoint 2010 master pages that we provide, we also have posted a copy of v4.master (default SharePoint master page – simple layout with top navy bar) that still has all original HTML layout code in place but has the same cleaning and comments added that our Just the Essentials master pages receive. Now another version of this file has been added that is a copy of v4.master with all of the UI3 code removed. If you are not supporting UI3 sites (2010 sites that look like 2007) then you can use the UI4 Only version.

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One thought on “New master page added to “Just the Essentials” SharePoint Master Pages”

  1. Hello,….Great tips!!!! What’s killing me though is that there is no simple way to remove the annoying arrowhead tick and page title header beside it on every page. Telling it to “hide” doesn’t work as it gives error codes afterward. Someone tried to tell me that placing a few strings of code in the CSS would do it, but that too has failed. It’s incredibly annoying and I cannot believe that MS would stick something in there so worthless.

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