SPTechCon San Francisco – Feb 26-29 – SharePoint Experience will be there!

Heather and Dustin are headed to the city by the bay to share their latest SharePoint know-how. Stop by the Branding Ask the Experts table on Tuesday to say hello and check out these sessions:

Tuesday, 11:30AM: Get Ready for HTML5 and SharePoint
HTML5 is the new Web hotness. If it seems daunting – or you think you have to scrap what you have now and start over – then check out this session! Let Heather and Dustin teach you how to put HTML5 to work today, and see different ways it can enhance your SharePoint sites. And no worries, you won’t be excluding anyone from accessing your site! Topics include HTML5 features, how to upgrade and using it as a tool to improve your existing site. All demos and code are in SharePoint.

Tuesday, 4:00PM: Back At It Again… More CSS Goodness
Heather thrives on figuring out cool stuff to do in SharePoint with CSS only. Today’s topic? Identifiers. If you can identify it, you can modify it. Don’t pull up short at IDs and classes. Dive into the many ways you can target a SharePoint element and modify the look and feel with CSS. Descendent selectors, pseudo selectors and attribute selectors are indispensable tools with SharePoint CSS. Learn how to target specific navigation, Web Parts and more.

Wednesday, 3:30PM: Gaining Total Control of your Sites with Data View Web Parts
You know you want it — total and complete control over the HTML that SharePoint renders for your content. Semantic code. Maybe, if you’re feeling adventurous, some HTML 5. Well, the Data View Web Part is the tool for you. Dustin will show you how to impose your will on Web Part markup, and will give you the tools you need to create highly customized sites without worrying about upgrade woes or installing any code to your server.

Hey, nice bonus: Use promo code “Solomon” or “Miller” and get an extra $200 off the cost of registration. Can’t decide which promo code to use? Let the winds of fate decide for you. (link has sound effects)

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