Did Safari or IOS 8 break your SharePoint 2010 site?

Did you upgrade your Apple device to IOS 8, or did your Mac update Safari recently? Once that was done, did your SharePoint 2010 site look like this image?


The issue is that the browser user agent sniffing done by ASP.NET looks for the string “60” in the AppleWebKit version portion of the User Agent when attempting to sniff out a (now) ancient version of Safari, and the new version of Safari on  Mac OS X or iOS 8 looks like this: AppleWebKit/600.1.17 (this is the desktop Safari version for this example – iOS is similar)

See a problem? It found the 60. Right there in the beginning of the 600.

Because it doesn’t feel comfortable with that version of Safari (remember, it thinks this brand new version is actually a really old version), a setting regarding the control adapter (a sort of ASP.NET plug-in, if you’ll excuse the poetic license) that handles the Asp:Menu for SharePoint’s navigation isn’t applied properly.

The fix?

In your web site’s inetpub document root (check IIS manager to see which folder belongs to your SharePoint site), find the App_Browsers folder, and just drop in this file. Due to another ASP.NET bug, you’ll also need to “touch” an existing file in that folder – so just open the compat.browser file already there, make an edit (like adding a space to the end) and save it. Once that’s done, reloading your browser on the affected devices should show the working fix.

39 thoughts on “Did Safari or IOS 8 break your SharePoint 2010 site?”

  1. Dustin, a lot of people don’t maintain updates to .NET and specifically their browser definition files. Where your browser definition files updated to the latest version prior to needing the fix? Just wondering because I’ve ran into this very problem with new releases of IE breaking SharePoint 2010 too and Microsoft usually keeps these browser definition files pretty up-to-date. They are far from perfect though.

  2. The fix worked on making the global nav bar look correct but the drop down menus still do not work. Any other fix for that? thanks.

    1. Our drop down menus did work just fine. Are you using multiple levels of drop downs? Have you restricted it to one to see if it works? Are you using any third party tools like Telerik?

  3. Dustin, Safari is prompting the user to enter their credentials, but after entry it keeps re-prompting again, and at times just goes to a white page. Is this the fix for this issue as well? If yes, is it safe to just apply to my production Share Point 2010 without worrying about testing it?

    1. Karen , please correct me in fix procedure , …VirtualDirectories24800App_Browsers should I just here save this file “SafariFix.browser” and iisreset after fix will work ? or i must in the “compat.browser” edit and to the end of all tags add this code and save compat.browser then it will be work. can you clear this procedure ?

      1. Please follow these steps:

        1) In the App_Browsers folder, and the SafariFix.browser file.
        2) Open the compat.browser file in Notepad.
        3) Add a space to the end of the file, no need to make any other edits. Save the file.
        4) Reload your SharePoint site in the browser on the affected device(s).

        1. Hi Heather, I used this fix and it worked on ios 8.3 but we’ve had problems reported with 8.1.3? Any idea how to fix that?

      1. Thanks for your reply . . . we are using share point out of box modal popup . . . modal pop is not appearing in IOS 8 based devices. . . Just like to know whether the same settings will be addressing those issues as well

  4. I implemented the fix as follows:
    1. Add the file safarifix.browser to the folder
    2. Edited compat.browser and added a space at the end saving the file
    3. iisreset

    I did this in the folder: InetpubwwwrootwssVirtualDirectories80App_Browsers

    I also did the fix in the folder: 14CONFIGBROWSERS

    I performed the fix in the second directory since it was the compat.browser file, in that directory, that I modified to turn off the redirect to mobile site.

    the site still does not display the global navigation menu bar correctly. Instead of the toolbar, i get text links that hang out on top of the site.

    what else can i try to get this resolved?

  5. Absolutely brilliant! We couldn’t work out why every other browser was OK, and why only some Mac users (with latest IOS) were affected! Thank you so much.

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