SPTechCon Austin 2016

Here is a recap of our sessions from SPTechCon Austin 2016…

“Bootstrap” Responsive SharePoint, the RIGHT Way

Dustin Miller and Heather Solomon

Session Recap

Don’t stick a bunch of arbitrary and non-semantic markup into your SharePoint master page and overload it with gobs of JavaScript files to try to make it responsive.
Optimize not just for devices but also for performance by learning how to streamline your JavaScript and CSS while minimizing changes to SharePoint’s out-of-the-box code files. Using the power of CSS pre-processors (like SASS), Dustin and Heather will show you how to properly “Bootstrap” your responsive SharePoint design.

Level: Advanced; Audience: Developer Essentials

Using Office UI Fabric in Custom List Views

Dustin Miller

Session recap to be released, code is available here

The Office 365 Design Language has become the de-facto standard for so-called “Apps” for SharePoint Online and on-premise. While there are certainly pitfalls to using prescribed CSS frameworks like Office UI Fabric, there are ways to pick and choose the parts you need for your project. In this session, you will:

Learn about Office UI Fabric and how it fits in with other CSS and Web Component frameworks
Discover where CSS frameworks like Office UI Fabric are helpful, and where they’re harmful
See how to create custom list views and look and feel like native SharePoint/Office components, including new date/time pickers, more accessible forms and custom informational pop-overs

Level: Intermediate; Audience: Developer Essentials

92% of Branding SharePoint is CSS, So Why Are You Living in a Master Page?

Heather Solomon

Session Recap and Code Files

Would you causally saunter outside without a stitch of clothing on? CSS is the couture of the web and the stylish heartbeat of your SharePoint site design. So don’t let your site go naked, and stop messing with that master page! It is time to capitalize on the power of CSS and see how much you can alter the design of your site without ever touching a line of HTML.

Utilizing existing classes to craft useful CSS selectors, live in this session Heather will completely rebrand SharePoint with only CSS (yes, seriously – all code provided) AND into something that looks good. She will add content, logos, swap around navigation, place full size background images and all around make SharePoint dapper again. Come join Heather Solomon in this popular session as she ousts that master page straight out of your life and sweeps in a new wardrobe with CSS.

Level: Intermediate; Audience: Developer Essentials

Data (and text) Mining SharePoint for Fun and Profit

Dustin Miller

The whole shebang: walkthrough and code together here

Okay, folks, this one is “heady” and doesn’t focus on creating for SharePoint or configuring SharePoint. Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning / Neural Networks are becoming an important part of every day business, whether its to make predictions about your users, spot trends in usage, or to identify similar content for promotion. In this session, you will:

  • Learn about the preferred language of Data Scientists, Python
  • Use 100% free and open source tools (that work on Mac, Windows and Linux) to extract data from SharePoint, including site usage and the content created by your users
  • Use data analysis techniques to identify trends in usage data
  • Use natural language processing to identify topics of content posted to SharePoint lists, which can be used to assist with automatic taxonomies, or to feed into a Neural Network to make additional inferences about the users and the content – even to correlate with usage analysis to identify “hot topics”
  • Create easy-to-digest graphs and reports of data that’s relevant to your business – and I don’t mean just page views

Level: Advanced; Audience: Developer Essentials