SPTechCon San Francisco 2016

Here is a recap of our sessions from SPTechCon San Francisco 2016…

92% of Branding SharePoint is CSS, So Why Are You Living in a Master Page?

Heather Solomon

Session Recap and Code Files

First BBC Sherlock, then BuzzFeed… what will Heather recreate next in SharePoint exclusively for SPTechCon AND only using CSS? You can do amazing things when you apply some crafty CSS to SharePoint and Heather is going to show you just how far you can take your custom branding without once touching a master page.

Utilizing existing SharePoint classes, live in this session Heather will completely rebrand SharePoint with only CSS (all code will be provided) and into something that looks good. She will add content, images, icons, swap around navigation and all around make SharePoint look totally not like SharePoint. Come join Heather Solomon in this popular session as she ousts that master page straight out of your life and makes you say “wow I didn’t know you could do that with CSS!”.

Level: Intermediate; Audience: Developer Essentials

“Bootstrap” Responsive SharePoint, the RIGHT Way

Dustin Miller and Heather Solomon

Session Recap (coming soon)

Don’t stick a bunch of arbitrary and non-semantic markup into your SharePoint master page and overload it with gobs of JavaScript files to try to make it responsive.

Optimize not just for devices but also for performance by learning how to streamline your JavaScript and CSS while minimizing changes to SharePoint’s out-of-the-box code files. Using the power of CSS pre-processors (like SASS), Dustin and Heather will show you how to properly “Bootstrap” your responsive SharePoint design.

Level: Advanced; Audience: Developer Essentials

Building a Native Mobile SharePoint App with React Native

Dustin Miller

You’ve got a computer in your pocket, why are you using it as a glorified web terminal? There are technologies available that let you create native applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and the wonderful thing is: You get to use the HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills you already have to build them. One “View” (of the Model/View/Controller pattern) framework that has exploded in popularity is Facebook’s React. Newly enhanced with native mobile application controls, React Native is a great way to build a custom, App Store (or Google Play)-ready application, and in this session, you will:

  • See how to get started with React Native mobile app development
  • Understand which SharePoint REST services are ideal for integrating with your custom native app
  • Handle authentication on mobile devices
  • Capture important analytics on mobile app usage for aggregation with your own SharePoint content

Level: Advanced; Audience: Developer Essentials