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New master page added to “Just the Essentials” SharePoint Master Pages

In addition to the stripped, cleaned and commented SharePoint 2010 master pages that we provide, we also have posted a copy of v4.master (default SharePoint master page – simple layout with top navy bar) that still has all original HTML layout code in place but has the same cleaning and comments added that our Just the Essentials master pages receive. Now another version of this file has been added that is a copy of v4.master with all of the UI3 code removed. If you are not supporting UI3 sites (2010 sites that look like 2007) then you can use the UI4 Only version.

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An easier way to hide page elements from the SharePoint dialog box

By default, anything you add in your custom SharePoint master page will not only appear in the web interface, but will be passed through and appear in the pop-up dialog box that is used for so many functions in SharePoint 2010. Microsoft recommends adding the s4-notdlg CSS class to any HTML element that you don’t want to appear in the dialog box.  So for example: Continue reading An easier way to hide page elements from the SharePoint dialog box

“Just the Essentials” SharePoint Master Pages

As a follow up to my “Base Master Page Files for SharePoint 2007“, I have put together and posted several different master page files for use with SharePoint 2010.  Every file is heavily commented and provides a lot of information about what code is necessary for various SharePoint functionality and content.  Due to the enhanced user interface elements added to SharePoint 2010 such as the Ribbon and dialog boxes, there are specific HTML elements, IDs and classes that need to remain in place in the master page.  You can’t take a total slash and burn approach to developing a custom SharePoint 2010 master page.   So in short, read the comments!

UPDATE July 2012:  HTML5 versions of the master pages have been added. Please read this blog post about the changes that were made.  Continue reading “Just the Essentials” SharePoint Master Pages

Change Global Navigation Dynamic Menu Direction

With the introduction of list based navigation in SharePoint 2010, you can control the display of the dynamic (drop down) menus better than before.  A common request is to change the vertical direction of the dynamic menu display (items that appear when you hover over a parent navigation item the drop down menu is activated) to horizontal.  The following CSS style statement will change the Global Navigation (top menu bar) dynamic menus to appear horizontally. Continue reading Change Global Navigation Dynamic Menu Direction

Article about Designers returning to roots

This has nothing to do with SharePoint. 🙂 I found this article rather interesting… it is about designers getting back to doing things with their hands in this uber electronic, hands on activity depraved world.

Digital Designers Rediscover Their Hands

It struck particularly close to home with me, as I have picked up a new creative hobby and totally banned using computers in any way. Good stuff for the right side of your brain. The object of the article are designers from Adobe, which I also found interesting and inspiring. Maybe what SharePoint needs is a heavy dose of wood shop class!

Things your design team wishes you knew…

I love this post:

How to live happily with a great designer, by Seth Godin

Why do some organizations look great… and get great results from their design efforts and ads… while others languish in mediocrity? I think it has little to do with who they hire and a lot to do with how they work with their agencies and designers.

Here are the things your design team wishes you would know:

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