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Exposure from Alien Skin

Oh, this is just too cool…..

Use Exposure to recreate the look of a specific film stock. Control saturation, light temperature, dynamic range, softness, sharpness, and the addition of realistic grain in one place. Or save your signature look as a one click effect.

Check out the examples, very impressive stuff.  All things you could do in Photoshop, but it would take more time to do it manually.  Mac/Win $199 download.


Flash Hater Humor

Hee hee hee, this made me really chuckle.  Got this link from Scoble.

I have to agree, I don’t like Flash either.  I am glad the Flash fad has faded.  The Internet is about information delivery. I shouldn’t have to wait for menus to load, fly across the screen, fade in or sit through a montage of images of something I don’t care about. That is why Tivo/DVRs are so popular, so we can skip through the crap.

Flash Troll Generator

New font for Office 12

An old design school buddy of mine asked me how many fonts I had the other day.  I snickered.  Enough to get by, but not enough to be considered a worthy graphic designer.  Truth is, my world revolves around Verdana.  It is the most optimized font for MSFT apps and a very good font for web site readability.  When your life is web, you live by Verdana (at least for non Mac heads). Continue reading New font for Office 12