Dustin Miller and Heather Solomon contribute regularly to (NBB), a SharePoint resource site dedicated to helping people make SharePoint a better tool for their sites and users. Here are quick links to the articles they have authored:

Mega Menus for SharePoint

In this three part series, Heather Solomon and Dustin Miller will explore the ever-popular “Mega Menu”, and how to create a powerful, styled and functional mega menu for use on your SharePoint sites. In this first part, the focus is on the HTML markup and CSS styling to used to create this oft-requested UI element.

Master pages, who needs them anyways?

A common misconception about SharePoint master pages is that you need several of them. In our SharePoint UI/UX class, Dustin and I meet people who have created several master pages for their SharePoint sites(s) due to branding and site layout needs. Based on design differences, a master page is created for the home page, another master page for the sub pages, and perhaps even another master page for sub site(s) that need different branding and/or layout. There are very few reasons to have more than one master page, and differing home page vs. sub page vs. sub site designs isn’t one of them. Keep reading…

Multiple Sites with Varying Designs in a Single CSS File

Our last article talked about creating your custom designs in SharePoint using only a single Master Page. From the very first delivery of our SharePoint UI/UX Class, our students have excitedly jumped on board – it’s amazing just how much you can do with a single master page!  One student in particular spoke up: “Okay, great, one master page to rule them all. What about one CSS file? Any fancy tricks that will let me keep all my design work for all the sites and site collections in my entire farm in a single CSS file? Even those department sites that want different colors?” It didn’t seem like too much to ask.  Keep reading…

Yes, the SharePoint navigation really can work for your needs

A commonly misunderstood component of SharePoint is the navigation. We are frequently asked in class about how to make changes to the navigation and when we cover it, people are really surprised and honestly, it is pretty anti-climatic! Here are a few things everyone should know about manipulating SharePoint navigation.  Keep reading…

Understanding SharePoint:CSSLink and how to add your custom CSS in SharePoint 2010

CSS is a wonderful tool for branding SharePoint; unfortunately SharePoint 2010 has done a decent job of making things pretty hairy and confusing with working with CSS in a SharePoint site. Something we get asked all the time in our classes is “where do I link to my custom CSS file?” Great question and the answer isn’t just “from your master page”. Keep reading…

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