Naming Areas on a Portal

When designing a portal, keep the major areas in mind in relation to your URLs.  SharePoint allows 20 areas (one being the Home) to be formatted nicely in the URL.  For example, or  Once you hit the end of your 20 allotted areas, the URL will start organizing the areas into buckets.  For example, (note the C1). Continue reading Naming Areas on a Portal

Welcome to my blog! Here is the obligatory Welcome and Here I Am World post…

I have just crawled out of the depths of an 8 month long SharePoint project and I have the war wounds to prove it.  I told myself I would start a blog after that project was done, so here I am.  My plan for this blog is to mainly post things I have learned or dealt with in regards to SharePoint. But I am not a developer; instead UI, design and SharePoint administration is my gig.  I am gainfully employed, and I am thankful for that everyday. I try to maintain a life away from my computer, and at times I am successful. But I do see this as an outlet… so anyways… off I go!

Dustin Miller and Heather Solomon from SharePoint Experts