SharePoint Site Definitions – Mapping files to pages on a SharePoint site

The following is a breakdown of the SharePoint site definition files located in this directory: Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions60TEMPLATE1033. THIS LIST IS NOT COMPLETE.

The tables outline file names and provide a description of what the file is on an actual SharePoint site. The first table is site definition specific; the files listed in the second table are common to all definitions.

Site Definition Specific

DirectoryFiles Description Sample URL
MPS ‘Multi-page Team Site’ Site Definition  
SPS Portal Home Site Definition  
default.aspx Portal Home http://YourSiteName/default.aspx
SPSBWEB Bucket Web Site Definition  
SPSCOMMU Community Site Definition  
SPSMSITE ‘My Site’ Site Definition  
default.aspx Private View http://YourSiteName/MySite/default.aspx
public.aspx Public View http://YourSiteName/MySite/Public.aspx
SPSNEWS News Area Site Definition  
default.aspx News Area  
SPSNHOME News Home Site Definition  
default.aspx News Home http://YourSiteName/News/default.aspx
SPSPERS ‘My Site Team Site’ Site Definition  
SPSSITES Site Registry Site Definition  
SPSTOC Topic Home or Contents Area Site Definition  
default.aspx Topic Home  
SPSTOPIC Topic Area Site Definition  
default.aspx Topic Area Home  
STS ‘Team Site’ Site Definition  

Common with all Site Definitions

DirectoryFiles Description Sample URL
SiteDefNameDOCTEMPSMARTPGS Web Part Pages  
spstd1.aspx Full Page, Vertical  
spstd2.aspx Header, Footer, 3 Columns  
spstd3.aspx Header, Left Column, Body  
spstd4.aspx Header, Right Column, Body  
spstd5.aspx Header, Footer, 2 Columns, 4 Rows  
spstd6.aspx Header, Footer, 4 Columns, Top Row  
spstd7.aspx Left Column, Header, Footer, Top Row, 3 Columns  
spstd8.aspx Right Column, Header, Footer, Top Row, 3 Columns  
SiteDefNameLISTSANNOUNCE Announcements  
AllItems.aspx All Items View  
SiteDefNameLISTSCONTACTS Contacts  
AllItems.aspx All Contacts View  
SiteDefNameLISTSCUSTLIST Custom List  
AllItems.aspx All Items View  
SiteDefNameLISTSDISCUSS Discussion Board  
AllItems.aspx Threaded View  
Flat.aspx Flat View  
SiteDefNameLISTSDOCLIB Document Library  
AllItems.aspx All Documents View  
Upload.aspx Upload Documents  
webfldr.aspx Explorer View  
SiteDefNameLISTSEVENTS Events  
AllItems.aspx All Events View  
calendar.aspx Calendar View  
MyItems.aspx Current Events View  
AllItems.aspx All Links View  
SiteDefNameLISTSGRIDLIST Custom List in Datasheet View  
AllItemsg.aspx All Items View  
SiteDefNameLISTSIMGLIB Image Library  
AllItems.aspx All Pictures View  
selected.aspx Selected Pictures View  
upload.aspx Add Picture  
webfldr.aspx Explorer View  
SiteDefNameLISTSISSUE Issues  
active.aspx Active Issues View  
AllItems.aspx All Issues View  
MyItems.aspx My Issues View  
SiteDefNameLISTSListTemp List Template Gallery  
AllItems.aspx All Templates View  
Upload.aspx Upload Template  
SiteDefNameLISTSTASKS Tasks  
active.aspx Active Tasks View  
AllItems.aspx All Tasks View  
byowner.aspx By Assigned To View  
DueToday.aspx Due Today View  
MyItems.aspx My Tasks View  
SiteDefNameLISTSVOTING Survey  
AllItems.aspx All Responses View  
overview.aspx Overview View  
summary.aspx Graphical Summary View  
SiteDefNameLISTSWEBTEMP Site Template Gallery  
Allitems.aspx All Templates View  
common.aspx Default View  
Upload.aspx Upload Template  
SiteDefNameLISTSWPLIB Web Part Gallery  
AllItems.aspx All Web Parts  
Upload.aspx Upload Web Part  

Dustin Miller and Heather Solomon from SharePoint Experts