SharePoint Site Definitions – Mapping files to pages on a SharePoint site

The following is a breakdown of the SharePoint site definition files located in this directory: Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions60TEMPLATE1033. THIS LIST IS NOT COMPLETE.

The tables outline file names and provide a description of what the file is on an actual SharePoint site. The first table is site definition specific; the files listed in the second table are common to all definitions.

Site Definition Specific

DirectoryFiles Description Sample URL
MPS ‘Multi-page Team Site’ Site Definition  
SPS Portal Home Site Definition  
default.aspx Portal Home http://YourSiteName/default.aspx
SPSBWEB Bucket Web Site Definition  
SPSCOMMU Community Site Definition  
SPSMSITE ‘My Site’ Site Definition  
default.aspx Private View http://YourSiteName/MySite/default.aspx
public.aspx Public View http://YourSiteName/MySite/Public.aspx
SPSNEWS News Area Site Definition  
default.aspx News Area  
SPSNHOME News Home Site Definition  
default.aspx News Home http://YourSiteName/News/default.aspx
SPSPERS ‘My Site Team Site’ Site Definition  
SPSSITES Site Registry Site Definition  
SPSTOC Topic Home or Contents Area Site Definition  
default.aspx Topic Home  
SPSTOPIC Topic Area Site Definition  
default.aspx Topic Area Home  
STS ‘Team Site’ Site Definition  

Common with all Site Definitions

DirectoryFiles Description Sample URL
SiteDefNameDOCTEMPSMARTPGS Web Part Pages  
spstd1.aspx Full Page, Vertical  
spstd2.aspx Header, Footer, 3 Columns  
spstd3.aspx Header, Left Column, Body  
spstd4.aspx Header, Right Column, Body  
spstd5.aspx Header, Footer, 2 Columns, 4 Rows  
spstd6.aspx Header, Footer, 4 Columns, Top Row  
spstd7.aspx Left Column, Header, Footer, Top Row, 3 Columns  
spstd8.aspx Right Column, Header, Footer, Top Row, 3 Columns  
SiteDefNameLISTSANNOUNCE Announcements  
AllItems.aspx All Items View  
SiteDefNameLISTSCONTACTS Contacts  
AllItems.aspx All Contacts View  
SiteDefNameLISTSCUSTLIST Custom List  
AllItems.aspx All Items View  
SiteDefNameLISTSDISCUSS Discussion Board  
AllItems.aspx Threaded View  
Flat.aspx Flat View  
SiteDefNameLISTSDOCLIB Document Library  
AllItems.aspx All Documents View  
Upload.aspx Upload Documents  
webfldr.aspx Explorer View  
SiteDefNameLISTSEVENTS Events  
AllItems.aspx All Events View  
calendar.aspx Calendar View  
MyItems.aspx Current Events View  
AllItems.aspx All Links View  
SiteDefNameLISTSGRIDLIST Custom List in Datasheet View  
AllItemsg.aspx All Items View  
SiteDefNameLISTSIMGLIB Image Library  
AllItems.aspx All Pictures View  
selected.aspx Selected Pictures View  
upload.aspx Add Picture  
webfldr.aspx Explorer View  
SiteDefNameLISTSISSUE Issues  
active.aspx Active Issues View  
AllItems.aspx All Issues View  
MyItems.aspx My Issues View  
SiteDefNameLISTSListTemp List Template Gallery  
AllItems.aspx All Templates View  
Upload.aspx Upload Template  
SiteDefNameLISTSTASKS Tasks  
active.aspx Active Tasks View  
AllItems.aspx All Tasks View  
byowner.aspx By Assigned To View  
DueToday.aspx Due Today View  
MyItems.aspx My Tasks View  
SiteDefNameLISTSVOTING Survey  
AllItems.aspx All Responses View  
overview.aspx Overview View  
summary.aspx Graphical Summary View  
SiteDefNameLISTSWEBTEMP Site Template Gallery  
Allitems.aspx All Templates View  
common.aspx Default View  
Upload.aspx Upload Template  
SiteDefNameLISTSWPLIB Web Part Gallery  
AllItems.aspx All Web Parts  
Upload.aspx Upload Web Part  

27 thoughts on “SharePoint Site Definitions – Mapping files to pages on a SharePoint site”

  1. hi,
    this information seems very descriptive but unfortunately the changes that i am making is not reflecting to the portal. i changed the top banner for all areas. but when i tried changing it for the allitems.aspx in the issues list, it won’t reflect the change…
    what may be wrong that i am doing??

    doesn’t the sharepoint portal provides template controls (eg pageheader control) from where all the .aspx file refers. Do we have to go and change every .aspx explicitly????

  2. Amardeep Dabass… sorry for the long response time, I was at TechEd and unable to keep up with site comments. If you contact me through my contact form I can try to help you troubleshoot your issue, without more detail there isn’t much I can do.

    The current version of SharePoint portal does not provide template controls that all the ASPX files refer to… but with master pages on the way through ASP.NET 2.0 hopefully that will change! Site definition file changes have to be done to every affected file in that definition.

  3. Thank you for this post Heather!

    This reference of files in the site definition folder proved to be a great help.

  4. It appears that you are saying the folders/files under LISTS are the same for each template folder.

    Does this mean I can alter the LISTS in SPS and then replace SPSTOCLISTS with the altered SPSLISTS???

    Please say yes πŸ™‚



  5. eRic- Hmmm, I have personally never done this, but you could certainly back up your code and then give it a try. I would suggest poking around first using a file comparison tool like CompareIt! ( to see if the files are truly identical.

  6. IF I wanted to remove or hide some of the default templates, what would be the best method? Basically I want my users to only have Blank, Meeting and Team site templates.

  7. Thanks for the reply Heather. I did exactly that and found that for the "Main" template definitions that these files are indeed identical (gotta love windiff’s ability to compare directories!!!) So I HAVE been able to edit the SPS LISTS and copy them to most of the other templates, phew!

    I’ve also found, so I believe, that the SPSBWEB definition has no physical instantiation on the portal. What is your experience with this?

    thanks!!! – eRic

  8. eRic, I know you got your answer in the Yahoo group, but here it is again for anyone else that happens by:
    Locate and backup the webtemp.xml file on your web server (FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions60TEMPLATE1033XML). Open the XML file and locate the definition you want to hide from users. Change the value for HIDDEN to TRUE. Save and reset IIS.

  9. (Reposting eRic comment to fix my page design!)

    Posted @ 3/27/2006 8:34 PM
    Hmmm. Not sure about the Yahoo group thing. I posted the bucket web question on the microsoft.public.sharepoint.portalserver.development news group and got the response that said they are just a place holder essentially.

    (when accessing link, remove spaces) microsoft.public.sharepoint.portalserver.development/ browse_thread/thread/8f025eed3c27ef2a?hl=en

    Which there are a lot files in there for a "place holder" but I haven’t been able to see one go live. I’m working in the portal too, not WSS. I think it’s interesting you bring up that file, because in the WEBTEMPSPS.xml that defines the area definitions they are ALL set to HIDDEN="TRUE" which in WSS hides it but doesn’t seem to anything on the Portal. Weird. Though that’s something I commonly say as I’ve been working on SharePoint!!! Keeps me guessing!


  10. In WSS ver 2, I have developed the look-and-feel template I want for my Sites and Workspaces (Home Page).. How can I get that same look-and-feel on the Lists and Libraries in the rest of the site(s)?

  11. Is it possible to remove or at least hide the Tasks list from a site definition? I want my users to use the Issues lists instead of the Tasks list because of its email functionality. But I know that simply telling them not to use it won’t work. It needs to not be available to them. I’ve experimented with hiding the Surevy list, and that worked fine (I commented it out of the ONET.XML file). But when I comment out the Taks list inthe same way I get some errors on my site. What is the safest way to hide a list from a site definition?

  12. Clark-
    It depends on how you did the customizations for the home page (default.aspx). If you did CSS and image changes, it should filter through all of your pages. If you edited the default.aspx directly, then you need to apply the same changes for each of the list definitions (in the LISTS folder).

  13. Heather, thanks for your reply 4/14/2006! Another question: you said in this conversation with Amardeep Dabass
    Posted @ 6/7/2005 1:30 AM: …but with master pages on the way through ASP.NET 2.0 hopefully that will change! Site definition file changes have to be done to every affected file in that definition.

    I don’t believe ‘Master Pages’ have become a reality yet… or did I miss something? Clark

  14. Eduardo, I would suggest you post your error messages on a newsgroup and see if you can get some assistance for that issue. I don’t think it should be throwing errors when you remove the list from the ONET.xml file.

  15. I’m also interested in:1) How to hide a site definition so that it doesn’t appear on the Create Site page?2) How to hide a list definition so that it doesn’t appear on the Site Settings->Create page?Michael.

  16. The answer:1. Edit the WebTemp.xml file in C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions12TEMPLATE1033XML2. Save a backup copy of this file3. Change the attribute Hidden=”FALSE” to Hidden=”TRUE” for the site definitions you want to hide4. Run iisreset.exe

  17. The current version of SharePoint portal does not provide template controls that all the ASPX files refer to… but with master pages on the way through ASP.NET 2.0 hopefully that will change! Site definition file changes have to be done to every affected file in that definition. Thanks

  18. I’ve made a real mess of things and am frantically trying to fix it.Here’s the issue… I mistakenly reset the content type of all files in the Master Page Gallery, (page layouts, master pages, .xml files in the Editing Menu subfolder) from their default content type to the “Page” content type. This of course, is causing severe problems. Is there a way to reset the content type back to the default? If there is a way to do this, my concern is the .aspx pages that have the page layouts attached will be wiped out of the text, imgs. etc.Help! Please!

  19. I don’t have a “Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions60TEMPLATE1033″Instead I have “Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions12TEMPLATE1033″Is this the same thing?

  20. Hi HeatherI really enjoy your blogs your really a great help for sum of us who have just started exploring sharepoint 2007. Heather I seem to have occuring errors that happen when ever I try to edit the Lists library for example when I try to add a new item inside the Announcements or Links I get an error massage which says ” An unexpected error has occurred. ” So this prevents me from populating the my announcements or links library and this error only occurs under the LISTS libraryWould you perhaps be able to assist Regards Tumi

  21. This question is regarding WSS 3.0 not MOSS 2007.How do we inherit a template page (from SMRTPGS) from a different master page? In my site i have set a master page as the default master page, it works fine. Now i need one more page layout inheriting from a different master page. How can i do that?I modified spstd8.aspx to inherit from a different master page by changing the tag MasterPageFile=”~/_catalogs/masterpage/MyMaster.master”. But it gives an error ‘resource not found’.Any ideas how this can be achieved?

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