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Styling SharePoint with Attribute Selectors and IE6

I recently posted some methods for styling SharePoint web parts using attribute selectors. I heard back from several people about how they can’t use this option due to IE6’s lack of support for attribute selectors. I was aware of this at the time of the post but neglected to point it out in the post text. Continue reading Styling SharePoint with Attribute Selectors and IE6

DOCTYPES and SharePoint

I got asked by two separate friends of mine just within a few days of each other if I had any recommendations for what DOCTYPE tag should be used in SharePoint.  Honestly up until that point, I had not put a lot of thought into outside of the attitude of look up whatever A List Apart recommends and use that.   So I delved into it a bit more and now I do have an opinion on the matter. Continue reading DOCTYPES and SharePoint

IE7 will have new icon and logo…

… and I actually like it much better than the last version.  They stuck with the “e” and the swoosh but glammed it up a bit and make it much more modern and gel-ish. I have to say I am surprised they haven’t ditched the version number and gone to some cool hip name or something. I am not complaining though, I like verison numbers, makes dev and support easier. Continue reading IE7 will have new icon and logo…