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What makes good SharePoint CSS?

I recently read an interesting post that I think is a good starting list for judging CSS files. You can check it out here: Judging CSS / Spotting Bad Code

Reading that article and my ensuing comment that I posted based on my experience with SharePoint led me to think… why not write this up for SharePoint?  So here I am.   🙂  Let’s get started with chatting briefly about why you should even care about what makes good SharePoint CSS code. Continue reading What makes good SharePoint CSS?

SharePoint UI Version 3 and 4 for Master Pages

So, seeing this error?

The user interface of the master page cannot be determined. Do you want to continue?

In SharePoint 2010 the master pages can  be assigned to User Interface (UI) Version 3, 4 or even both.  What this error message means is that your master page has not been assigned a UI Version.  This is a super quick thing you can fix. Continue reading SharePoint UI Version 3 and 4 for Master Pages

A tale from the SharePoint trenches

Mauro Cardarelli has written a nice piece about measuring the success of a portal.  Reading his post about a recent portal launch made me reflect on my not so recent portal launch.  We are 9 months into a very large portal deployment, where we took a regular HTML intranet site and turned it into a behemoth portal site, handing over content control to the content owners and combing several smaller sites into the larger portal.  It was quite a ride during development, and has been an interesting experience since deployment.  Continue reading A tale from the SharePoint trenches