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Creating a centered fixed width design in SharePoint 2010

Switching your SharePoint site from a fluid width (how it is setup out-of-the-box with v4.master or nightandday.master) is a simple task. It requires one change to the master page and the addition of one style statement. Where things get tricky is how to go from there in regards to handling the scroll bar SharePoint automatically generates under the docked ribbon. But let’s get the easy part done first. Continue reading Creating a centered fixed width design in SharePoint 2010

Article about Designers returning to roots

This has nothing to do with SharePoint. 🙂 I found this article rather interesting… it is about designers getting back to doing things with their hands in this uber electronic, hands on activity depraved world.

Digital Designers Rediscover Their Hands

It struck particularly close to home with me, as I have picked up a new creative hobby and totally banned using computers in any way. Good stuff for the right side of your brain. The object of the article are designers from Adobe, which I also found interesting and inspiring. Maybe what SharePoint needs is a heavy dose of wood shop class!

Things your design team wishes you knew…

I love this post:

How to live happily with a great designer, by Seth Godin

Why do some organizations look great… and get great results from their design efforts and ads… while others languish in mediocrity? I think it has little to do with who they hire and a lot to do with how they work with their agencies and designers.

Here are the things your design team wishes you would know:

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