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Natural Language Processing and SharePoint

Natural Language Processing and SharePointΒΆ

Wait, what? As in reading what people are saying on my SharePoint site?

Yes, Natural Language Processing (NLP) refers to how computers and humans interact; more specifically, how a computer program can come to understand what we humans are saying, whether we’re writing a sonnet or a scathing review on Netflix.

Many companies turn to NLP techniques in order to get a better understanding of the needs, motivations and problems of their users. Netflix, for example, is well-known for its movie recommendation system, which uses NLP to determine what people are saying about a film or television show. Other sites and applications use NLP to help identify shills, so they can better hide reviews from people who post artificial praise about a product in order to boost the ranking of that product artificially.

Let me whet your appetite, and show you what sorts of things you can do when you apply some of the latest techniques and tools devoted to improving the state of NLP.

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