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The Beauty of Custom Lists – Templates now available

After being poked by AC to go the extra mile, I have made available three of the list template examples for both the STS (WSS) and SPSTOC (portal) site definitions. I didn’t do a form example because that one is very particular to an individual’s needs and I could provide little value including a template as a starting point. Continue reading The Beauty of Custom Lists – Templates now available

Top 30 Office 12 UI Posts

Jensen Harris is easily one of my favorite blogs to read because he is posting about user interface design and usability (in regards to Office 12) and is just a funny guy.  He has put together his top 30 picks for his best posts since he starting blogging about Office 12.  This is a great summary of all the fantastic and interesting info he has laid out for public consumption.

Beta 1-derful: The “Top 30” List

Fitz provides some explanation behind MSFT’s site definition support policies

Mike Fitz addresses the MSFT article “Supported and unsupported scenarios for working with custom site definitions and custom area definitions in Windows SharePoint Services and in SharePoint Portal Server 2003” and steps through what MSFT means by support, how to get yourself back in a supportable state if you need help, and some tips for support in regards to custom code.

» Supportable Customizations: Don’t Panic