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SharePoint 2013 Functional CSS Selectors

One approach to writing CSS is to use functional CSS, which are selectors (classes) with a singular purpose.  For example, let’s say you need a given item on your web page to be absolute positioned, have a purple background and an enlarged font size. Instead of putting three declarations in a single CSS style statement, you would split up the declarations across three generic CSS style statements and specify three classes for the HTML element. It is a different yet effective way to do things. SharePoint 2013 actually has several functional CSS classes already baked in their CSS files and ready for your use.  Continue reading SharePoint 2013 Functional CSS Selectors

SharePoint 2007 Design Tip: Import your CSS for SharePoint Themes

One of the major drawbacks of SharePoint themes is you have to reapply the theme to any site that uses your custom theme in order to see any new changes that you have made.  This happens because when you apply a theme to a SharePoint site, a copy of the theme is added for the site in the content database.  Continue reading SharePoint 2007 Design Tip: Import your CSS for SharePoint Themes

SharePoint Customization Article – Interface Customizations Into and Options

A lot of people face the issue of how to change the SharePoint interface and are met with a lot of info and options which results in confusion.  I have put together a brief overview of main options and talked about the issue of why straight-forward advice for this topic is hard to come by.

An Into and Overview of Options for SharePoint User Interface Customization