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Sublime Text Rocks

You won’t be sitting in a SharePoint Experience class for very long before Heather or I open up a code editing app we both love – and for most of you, it’s something you’ve never seen before. Whether it is ASPX, JavaScript, XSL, HTML, PHP or CSS, one of our main go-to applications for web development (and yes this includes SharePoint) is Sublime Text.
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Introducing the Magic Data View Builder

Want to make SharePoint output the markup YOU want when you create a List View?

Updated! Check out the new features below…with new video, too!

For years, I’ve advised people who have the guts and the skills to ditch Visual Studio and learn more about XSL, CSS and JavaScript (including libraries like jQuery). Maybe I’m a rebel, I don’t know, but I don’t need to write C# to create a kick-ass front end component for SharePoint. So much can be done with the product out of the box, it just takes a creative approach.

Many people know me as the original proponent of the Data View Web Part, first introduced back when WSS v2.0 was released. While SharePoint has come a long way since then, the web developer experience for creating custom views hasn’t. Last week, as I was rehearsing my demonstrations for my SP TechCon session (on, naturally, the Data View Web Part) it occurred to me: This could be easier. Easier to demonstrate. Easier to write. Easier to get excited about. Easier to get the creative juices flowing.

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Sweet Screen Capture Tool – SnagIt

Hope everyone had a nice holiday, I certainly enjoyed my time off.  🙂

My buddy Chris turned me onto this screen capture tool and I love it.  It has a ton of output options, hooks into Office & IE, and has an editing mode where you can add arrows and callout boxes to the screenshots prior to outputting to the final destination.   This basically blows Cropper out of the water. Continue reading Sweet Screen Capture Tool – SnagIt

PureText, the coolest thing since they put a pocket in the pita

I picked up a link to this tool from a comment to a blog post and I have already used it extensively this morning.  It allows you to strip the formatting that gets added to text copied from an Office application by clicking an icon in your systray between the copy and the paste.   Continue reading PureText, the coolest thing since they put a pocket in the pita